Trade Packages in Commercial Van Upfits

Van Looking into Cargo Section with Van Shelving

The day has come, you are ready to expand your fleet with a new service van. But instead of utilizing the services like Ship Thru or Vehicle Pilots from an upfitter, you decide to purchase your service van off the lot from your local dealership.

Your reasons for going this route may be justified by the fact that you found a great deal on the vehicle but more often than not, businesses in this position forget about the time (and the cost) it takes to upfit a van on their own. But nonetheless, you follow through with your plan to upfit your van with the skills and knowledge you possess. 

As you fasten the last bolt, you step back from your van, gazing through the back doors, marveling at the work of art you have created. A fresh floor liner, shelving on the left-hand side for loose tools, air compressor nestled next to the shelf, hooks hanging power cords, and a security partition installed. Beautiful, right? 

That is until you hit the road and next thing you know power cords are falling and air compressors are rolling as you turn a corner; and any time you go over 20 mph, that one screw in the shelf that keeps rattling but you can never figure out where it is coming from. Now you are spending time cleaning up the service van (before you even start the job for the day) and finding yourself jerry-rigging fastening systems so your tools and equipment stay in place. 

Why waste the time upfitting your vehicle on your own? You’re a plumber, delivery driver, exterminator, or another type of serviceman, not a vehicle upfitter! 

Van Angle Back Right

By using the services of an upfitter like Canfield Equipment & Fleet for installing equipment in a trade vehicle, you are leaving the headache of fastening shelving properly or installing security partitions and other equipment to the experts. Using an upfitter will guarantee that your service van is outfitted with the proper equipment, space, and storage in mind.

The added benefit of relying on Canfield to upfit your service van is the ability to select different trade packages that offer the best solutions for your specific needs and industry. But what happens when you are in need of upfitting more than one vehicle? Canfield Equipment & Fleet also offer services like Vehicle Pilots and Ship Thru options that makes upfitting your fleet seamless and hassle-free.

Canfield Equipment & Fleet are skilled in the installation of vehicle equipment and fleet upfitting. Our long history and tenured relationships with top-level manufactures provides our clients with diverse options and an array of customizations for your fleet, service vehicle, or law enforcement vehicle. 

We provide vehicle upfitting for Delivery Services, Telecommunications, Electrical/Utilities, Public Safety, EMS, Law Enforcement, Federal/Local Agencies, Landscaping, Fire, Pest Control, Heating/Cooling (HVAC), & more.

Check out our website to learn more about our vehicle upfit services, Ship Thru, and Pilot Vehicle options!


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