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Company History

June 1978, Larry Gibson and John Thomas started Canfield Equipment.  Larry was 23 years old, and John was 60 years old.  It was a good mix of youth and experience.  We started installing shelving in Dodge vans for AT&T/Western Electric (Ma Bell) as it was known.  In 1984 John retired and Larry became sole owner of Canfield.  Around that time the Bell companies were broken up and Canfield began to install equipment in Dodge vans on a ship thru basis.  

Canfield worked closely with Adrian Steel and installed van shelving and equipment on thousands of vehicles on a national level.  In 1990 Canfield was asked if we could install police equipment in Chevy Caprice’s.  Canfield installed the equipment in 600 Police vehicles that year.  In 2015 Canfield Fleet was opened in Dundalk Maryland.  The facility there has Ship thru for the Dodge Promaster City and the Ford Transit Connect and handles vehicles for the east coast market.  Today Canfield has 100 employees and over 80,000 square feet under roof and over 12 acres of parking.   

What We value

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Vehicle turnaround time

We work diligently to make sure that all of our customer upfits are completed in a timely fashi on that meets their fleet requirements.

Ship - Thru Capabilities

We provide you a centralized upfit location to improve price, quality, and standardization of upfitting for vehicles all over the USA.

Vehicle Piloting

We work with clients to revise your vehicle until it is perfect. We will brin g you out to our facilities to preview and test drive your vehicle. We collaborate with you to make any adjustments needed before final assembly of the entire fleet.

Status Reporting

We provide estimated completion dates and hold ourselves accountable to meet or exceed those dates so fleet managers can properly plan for vehicle replacements and new deployments.

Warranty and Repair

Our warranty rates are very low, but if there is ever a problem you can be assured that we will stand behind our work.

Diversity of Product Offering

We specialize in many different fields of upfitting, bringing you the best solutions from every industry with our experience.

Where we are

Canfield Equipment has facilities in Warren, Michigan and Baltimore, Maryland.

Police and Emergency Vehicles

Canfield Equipment Service

Canfield Fleet Services

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