Custom Prisoner Transportation System for Law Enforcement Upfit

Prisoner Transportation System Law Enforcement Upfit

Safety, security, & functionality are in mind when it comes to upfitting law enforcement vehicles. 

When upfitting a law enforcement vehicle, most think about the installation of emergency lights, computer mounts, and decals/vehicle wraps; however, once you open the door, you’ll find there is much more intention behind a properly upfitted police car or ambulance. What most people overlook are the security features that make transporting detainees or prisoners safe for the officers and individuals being transported. 

It’s the same M.O. as it has always been, the bad guys commit a crime and the good guys are able to detain the suspect; but the bad guys don’t go down without trying to cover their tracks. Hiding incriminating evidence before it can be found by officers is a way for criminals to avoid harsher penalties and get back out on the streets. 

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Luckily, law enforcement agencies are always one step ahead, and as upfitters, we are able to provide the right solutions for them. Molded back seats are important because they remove any cracks & crevices that could be used by a prisoner to hide items such as weapons, paraphernalia, or drugs. This allows officers to see anything a detainee or prisoner is trying to hide that officers may have missed in their preliminary search. 

Law Enforcement Upfits for Safety

Law enforcement officers are faced with enough dangers in their day-to-day duties; so it is our civil duty to ensure their vehicles are upfit with the best equipment and features to keep them safe. Barriers between officer and prisoner are imperative for the safety of our officers and other law enforcement agents. Officer Safety Barriers provide protection between the officers operating the vehicle and the detained individual. While Cargo Prisoner Barriers keep the passenger away from officer’s supplies & equipment in the rear of the vehicle.

Law Enforcement Vehicle Upfit

In addition to safety barriers, the installation of window guards on vehicles is a preventive measure that restricts prisoners or detainees from kicking out windows during transit. The combination of barriers and safety equipment provides officers with peace of mind and reassurance that they are safe while doing their jobs.

Canfield Equipment & Fleet are skilled in the installation of vehicle equipment and fleet upfitting. Our long history and tenured relationships with top-level manufactures provide our clients with diverse options and an array of customizations for your fleet, service vehicle, or law enforcement vehicle. 

We provide vehicle upfitting for Delivery Services, Telecommunications, Electrical/Utilities, Public Safety, EMS, Law Enforcement, Federal/Local Agencies, Landscaping, Fire, Pest Control, Heating/Cooling (HVAC), & more.

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