Vehicle Pilots

By designing a vehicle pilot, you are able to customize your fleet without having to invest in a minimum order before seeing your final upfitted vehicle. This ensures that the customer is getting the vehicle upfitted to their specifications before placing an order for the entire fleet.

An experienced representative, and our high quality technicians will take your requirements and specifications and use their knowledge to make recommended solutions for your vehicle. You can come in-person to our facilities and tour the vehicles in-person, or we have virtual meeting capabilities as well as the ability to take video of the vehicles so you can see upfit for yourself to make sure it is being completed to all the necessary specs.

Our Process:

  • Vehicle pilot with upfitted custom equipment ordered
  • Canfield performs upfitting work as requested
  • Client reviews the installation 
  • Canfield makes changes as needed
  • Vehicle pilot approval
  • Canfield replicates pilot vehicle for Client’s desired fleet size

Video Tours

Ready to schedule a Vehicle Pilot?

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